Bistro La Cave Open Stage Policy

We are pleased to introduce our Open Stage Night every Wednesday at Bistro La Cave, an opportunity…

We are pleased to introduce our Open Stage Night every Wednesday at Bistro La Cave, an opportunity for all musicians to share their talents and passion for music with our patrons. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable night for all, we’ve created the following Open Stage Policy:

  1. Sign-up Procedure: Artists interested in performing must reserve their spot by emailing us directly at This helps us manage the schedule and ensure everyone who wishes to perform gets their opportunity.

  2. Performance Slots: Each artist or group will be allotted a half-hour block of time. We encourage quick change-outs between sets to ensure the music keeps flowing.

  3. Equipment: Artists are required to bring their own instruments. A standard PA system will be available for use. Please note that elaborate setup or sound checks may not be possible due to the quick change-out policy.

  4. Content: All music genres and styles are welcome! However, we ask that you respect our patrons by avoiding explicit content in your performances.

  5. Jam Session: After the scheduled performances are over, we’ll open up the stage for an impromptu jam session. This is a wonderful chance to collaborate with fellow musicians and have some fun!

  6. Respect and Decorum: We foster a respectful and supportive environment at Bistro La Cave. We expect all our performers and guests to maintain this ethos.

  7. Payment: Please note, Open Stage Night is a community-building initiative and not a paid gig. It’s about sharing music, honing your skills, and enjoying the evening.

  8. Promotion: We’ll do our part in promoting the event, but we encourage all participating artists to share their upcoming performances on their social platforms.

By participating in our Open Stage Night, you agree to abide by this policy. We look forward to welcoming you to our community of music lovers and sharing an evening filled with incredible talent and shared musical passion.

Join us every Wednesday night for Open Stage Night at Bistro La Cave! We can’t wait to hear your tunes.

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